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All are invited

We invite you to join us for JetBrains Knowledge Day 2020, a special online event taking place on Friday, November 6, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm UTC.


Event Goal

In this event, you will get tips from the experts about performance tuning in CLion and IntelliJ IDEA, learn how to prepare for the upcoming Kotlin Heroes coding contest, and find out about the benefits of using our educational products. You’ll be able to ask the team anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Kotlin, IDEs, and tools both in the chat and during the live Q&A sessions with the presenters.


Welcome and Keynote by Roman Elizarov, Team Lead in Kotlin Language Research Train Hard, Code Easy: Best Practices for Competitive Coding with Kotlin by Mikhail Dvorkin, ICPC Gold Medal Winner CLion, Because C++ Can Be Competitive by Phil Nash, Developer Advocate Code Faster with IntelliJ IDEA by Helen Scott, Developer Advocate Educational Products for Academia and Competitive Programming by Olga Telezhnaya, Developer at Educational Products 10 Reasons Why Educators Choose Kotlin by Ksenia Shneyveys, Kotlin Manager for Education.