The ICPC 2020 World Finals Day Zero event is open worldwide.

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Follow our official ICPCNews channels for everything you need to know about the ICPC – the world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious collegiate programming contest. Connect with our social media communities at Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, VK, WeChat, and YouTube to learn the latest ICPC and ICPC Foundation developments. ICPCNews also offers information about ICPC Regionals and World Finals, competitive programming training strategies, and stories about past and current competitors and entities around the world supporting the ICPC Community.

Visit the ICPCNews home page for photos, videos, stories, and Cheering Party instructions as well as links to ICPC Scoreboards and the official ICPC Press Kit.

ICPC Quest


ICPC Quest is an online game designed for all members of the ICPC Community to interact with each other for the opportunity to win exciting prizes and bragging rights.

It is the ultimate challenge of discovery about the ICPC 2020 World Finals and Day Zero. Share your findings using Twitter on a WiFi-enabled mobile device for a chance to win prizes! ICPC is all about meeting and getting to know new people, enjoying the events and activities, discovering our fantastic host city, competing, and having fun. ICPC Quest will lead your way through this ICPC World Finals adventure. > Quest



Tune into the ICPCLive broadcast to follow the ICPC Challenge – an ultimate intellectual e-sport. Follow Judges and Analysts for problem analysis as competitors from around the globe battle for the title of ICPC Challenge Champion. Available on most streaming platforms.




Distinguish yourself by showing the world your ICPC participation and credentials by activating and sharing your ICPC ID. ICPC ID is the quintessential official record of all your registered ICPC participation and accomplishments as a contestant, coach, or volunteer. Share your ICPC ID with future employers and across your social network to highlight all of your ICPC achievements. To enable, go to your ICPC Profile on > ICPC Profile > Person Management > ICPC ID > Enable ICPC ID > Check Related Roles > Save



Connect to the conversation on the MyICPC platform. Visitors can access contest scoreboards, official ICPC World Finals event schedules, interactive maps, and personalized team and region information. Follow up to the minute media updates and problems solved. It is also your portal into ICPC Quest, the online game of discovery. MyICPC is an indispensable resource you’ll want to keep nearby for frequent updates and to stay connected to the main events.